Welcome to YS Major's add-on page for YS Flight!

On this site you will find over 200 models for YS Flight of varying detail. All models are fully flyable and available for absolutely FREE as is in compliance with the spirit of YS Flight and its community. No financial reward may be gained from any of the materials available on this website. For more information see YS Flight's homepage: http://homepage3.nifty.com/ysflight/frmindexe.html. All models may be modified as long is credits are given to myself and possible original creators.

YS Flight - General info on adding add-ons

- First install the latest version of YS Flight that is available (see link above).
- Download the add-on package in the download section of this website.
- Extract the ZIP file in any known location. You will see at least one folder called USER and possibly an AIRCRAFT folder containing an LST file. The LST file can sometimes be located in the root folder as well.
- Cut the USER folder and paste it into your YSFLIGHT folder.
- Copy the LST folder into the existing AIRCRAFT folder in your YSFLIGHT folder.
- Make sure the filename starts with "AIR..." or else the program won't read it as an aircraft entry.

Sceneries or Ground Objects:
- Process is the same as above.
- The LST file is now located in GROUND or SCENERY.
- They should be called "GRO..." or "SCE..." respectively.
- Place them into the existing GROUND and SCENERY folders. 

Additional info:
All of the following files can be opened (and edited) with Notepad (right-click-open with-browse-notepad):
DNM - dynamic polygonal 3D object consisting of multiple SRF's in a DNM 'tree'
SRF - static polygonal 3D object, can be part of a DNM
LST - listing file providing the program with list of aircraft, ground objects or sceneries
DAT - data file containing characteristics of user-controlled items or ground objects
FLD - scenery file
TER - mountain file part of a scenery
STP - start position of a scenery
PC2 - field file part of a scenery

For easier and visual editing download the various modding tools available via YSPilots.

LST information:
For aircraft there are minimum 4 and maximum 5 entries in a LST file:
airplane_name.dat     airplane_name.dnm     airplane_name_collisionfile.srf      airplane_name_cockpit.srf      airplane_name_coarsemodel.dnm (or srf)

For ground objects there are 3 entries in a LST file:
object_name.dat     object_name.srf (or dnm)    object_name_coarsemodel.srf

If any name refers to any item that is misplaced the program will NOT load the item.
Should this happen first check if the location of all the items are the same as the LST file suggests.