How to Install Add-ons in YS Flight?

First thing to remember: IT'S EASY!
If I can do it, you can do it.

YS Flight can be a very good game; inspiring creation, practicing skill, and providing a community of like-minded individuals... but you will need these add-ons first.

Step 1: Download the ZIP file with the pack of your choice and remember where you save it. Try to use the same location for these files, and make a folder for them in your documents.

Step 2: Go into your YS Flight program folder where you have installed it.
Make a new folder called "user".

Step 3: Extract the ZIP file. Windows extraction wizard will do fine. If it doesn't, google your options.

Step 4: Look inside the newly created folder. You will see a "user" folder, a "scenery" folder, an "aircraft" folder, and/or a "ground" folder.

Step 5: Copy the CONTENTS of this "user" folder into your new "user" folder in your YS Flight directory.

Step 5: Go back to your extracted Zip folder, and look into the "aircraft" folder. You will see a file called "air.........lst". Copy this LST (list) file starting with 'air' into your "aircraft" folder in your YS Flight directory.

Step 6: Fly the plane in YS Flight.

If it doesn't work.... see the next column on how to fix it!

How to Fix Add-ons in YS Flight?

Every now and then you come across an add-on that has something wrong with it. It's not the end of the world, we can fix it. Just remember, these add-ons are all made by people like yourself for absolutely no monetary compensation, so be grateful for them sharing their work, even though it mucks up your computer.

Problem 1: There is no "user" folder in the download file.
Solution: Have a look around and try to locate the LST file, the PLANE.DAT file, the PLANE_cockpit.SRF file, the PLANE_coll.SRF, and the PLANE.DNM file.
Open the LST with 'Notepad'. (Right click--> open with--> notepad).

Option 1: Does the first entry look like this: user/major/plane.dat ... ? In that case 'major' is the name of the new folder that should be in your "user" folder. Copy all the airplane files in there and try again.

Option 2: Does the line look like this: aircraft/plane.dat aircraft/plane.dnm...?
In that case the airplane files should all be copied into your "aircraft" folder in your YS Flight directory.

Problem 2: When choosing the airplane it says "Visual Error" and I can't get out of the program anymore.
Solution: click Enter and press down very often at the same time until you get out of the 'error message'.

Next, go to the user folder of the plane you have just downloaded. Look at the name of the DNM file. Now go to your "aircraft" folder and open the LST file of the plane you have just downloaded with notepad. Compare the two names exactly.
The name and folder location must correspond EXACTLY with the LST entry. Re-write the LST entry where necessary and save (don't 'save as'... just 'save').
Try choosing the plane again.

Problem 3: When starting the flight it says there is a problem with a missing collision file or cockpit file!
Solution: Do the same as above only now with the SRF files that are located in the "user" folder of the plane you have just downloaded. If the file says 'coll' it means 'collision' file, which is the file the programme needs to see where  bullets hit your plane, and where your fuselage touches the ground. The cockpit file is often called 'plane_cock.srf' or 'plane_cpt.srf'. They are what you see in the plane when flying in F1 mode. It could be an empty file (null.srf) as well, in which case what you see is the DNM file of the plane itself.

Problem 4: It's something else that you haven't explained!!!
Solution: Go to and register for free. Calmly and politely state the nature of your emergency without ALL CAPS and major grammar mistakes in the appropriate thread. Wait patiently for a reply.